Imagine Cup 2013 Winners

Eighty seven teams of students from all over the world qualified for our 2013 World Finals. These were the best of the best, selected from thousands of students, and their projects are amazing. Check out the winning teams and their projects!

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“Imagine Cup is a forum for exceptional students from around the world to channel their passion and creativity into thoughtful, innovative solutions that have the potential for real-world impact,” said Jon Bassett, DFJ Frontier analyst and a judge at the 2013 Imagine Cup. “Their commitment to their teams and projects demonstrates these students are finding ways to address everyday problems through technology and to make the world a better place.”

The winners of the 11th annual Imagine Cup Competitions are the following:

World Citizenship Competition

Since Imagine Cup started in 2003, students all over the world have teamed up to make the world a better place. By creating impressive new technology projects in fields such as health, education, and the environment these students have shown the world new ways to think and to change.

Innovation Competition

Incredible, world-changing software innovations often come from students. Social networks, music services, digital photography apps, gadgets and robotics – the list goes on.

Games Competition

Today, great games come from anywhere and people play them everywhere. On their phones, on their computers, on their tablets, in their browser, with their friends, with anyone, with everyone. Powerful game engines and libraries are available for free so students can get started right away.


Imagine Cup 2013 offered exclusively online Challenges to students, providing additional opportunities for learning, prototyping and creating apps using the newest Microsoft technologies. The Challenge winners are the following:

Windows 8 Challenge

Windows Phone Challenge

Windows Azure Challenge

Women's Athletic App Challenge

We asked teams of female students all over the world to create great software related to athletics and fitness. Check out the winning app! Team AdaJAMM from Serbia created Playground, a Windows Phone 8 application for teachers and students.

Kodu Challenge

We asked kids to create games inspired by the theme of water, our most precious global resource. Students competed in two age brackets: 9-12 and 13-18. Check out the winning games!


In addition to the Competitions and Challenges, students competed for the following special awards from Imagine Cup sponsors.