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Check out the Newest Hello Cloud Activity and your October Winner!

Meet your October Hello Cloud winner!

With thousands of students registered from across the globe, we are thrilled to announce the winner of the $1,000 October Hello Cloud sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Jayashree Jain from India!

Master cloud computing with Microsoft Azure and you too could win $1,000!

Every month, one student will win our $1,000 sweepstakes. To compete, you just complete one or more of our Hello Cloud activities. Each activity you complete gives you another chance to win. And you only have to do each activity once – your name will still be in the sweepstakes month after month!

Register for our Hello Cloud contest today and you can get started!

So what is the newest activity?

Activity Three: Deploy Your Résumé in the Cloud

When you start looking for your first job, will you have the cloud on your résumé? You will if you compete in our Hello Cloud Challenge! After completing activity three you will also have your résumé in the cloud!

  1. This activity builds on the skills of activity 1: Click here for the activity 1 walkthrough
  2. For the web page code you can create your own résumé format, or use the Hello Cloud Résumé Template
  3. Share as much information as you’re comfortable, or feel free to use your imagination
  4. Ensure that you that you create a new "Web App Name" for your résumé when publishing to Azure
  5. When you’re ready, copy your web app’s URL (it’ll look something like ) and paste it into our Hello Cloud Activity 3 submission from your dashboard (please ensure its a different URL than Activity 1)
  6. For contest purposes, if we draw your name we’ll click your URL and verify you have a résumé hosted in the cloud. That’s it!

Cloud computing is changing the technology industry. With Microsoft Azure, students can get a free subscription with no credit card required and start creating web apps, running databases, and much more. Register for our Hello Cloud contest today and you can get started!

Comments: 3

Preetam Datta Fri, 20 Nov 2015
Can I get a participation certificate? I, however, participated in the October Hello Cloud Challenge. Thanks in advance.

Pablo Veramendi Fri, 20 Nov 2015
Preetam, I apologize but there are no participation certificates for Hello Cloud.

Muhamad Iqbal Wed, 25 Nov 2015
Can I use other template besides the given one? I'd like to try other templates I found online