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What's Imagine Cup?

Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition. We invite all eligible students to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution in one of our competitions and challenges. You can find out more about Imagine cup here, or take a look at this year's competitions!

Ready to Get Started?

Here's how to sign up, create a team, and get started on your project!

Sign Up

Click the 'Sign In' link in the upper right corner to log in with your Microsoft account! Don't have a Microsoft account? They're free and give you access to great services like Outlook Email, XBox Live, and more!


Go To Your Dashboard

From your Imagine Cup dashboard, you can fill out your member profile, tell us about yourself, and get started creating or joining a team. Follow the 'Dashboard' link in the upper right corner to get started.


Pick Your Country

Before you can sign up for any competitions, you need to tell us where you're from! Enter your country, state, city and school, and you're ready to move on.


Create A Team

It's simple to create a new team. Just give your team a name, and click 'Go'!


Set Up Your Team Details

Now you can tell us about your team. Where are you from? What sorts of projects are you interested in? You can upload a picture for your team, and customize your team's description from this page.


Invite Team Members

Now you're ready to invite more team members! Just enter their email addresses, and they'll be notified of their pending invitation. Keep in mind that your team-mates need to already be registered on the Imagine Cup site before you can invite them!


Check Out The Competitions

At the bottom of your team page, you can see all the competitions your team is eligible to enter! Click the 'Register' checkbox if you want to receive information about a competition; if you want to participate in that competition, also click the 'Competing' checkbox.


Register For Competitions

Once you're signed up to participate in a competition, you can assign your team members (including yourself!) to each competition. Just click the 'Assign' link to get started.


Assign Team Members

Click the checkbox next to a team member's name to assign them to a competition. You can also give each team member a Role, which is just a descriptive title to help you keep track of who's doing what on each project.


Submit Your Project

Ready to submit your project to the judges? Click the 'Submit' link next to the competition on your Team Page to get started!


Send It Off

Click the 'Select' button to choose your project file from your hard drive. Check the rules for each competition for information about the required file formats. Give us your project's name, a short description, and the category you're submitting it under, and you're all set! Your project is off to be reviewed by the Imagine Cup judges!


You're Ready To Compete!

You're all signed up and ready to participate in Imagine Cup 2014! Good luck, and have fun!