by Team AYNI

Ecuador : World Citizenship Competition

Project Description

AYNI is a social network based on maps, designed to revolutionize how volunteering works nowadays. It will aim people to make visible all the organizations, communities, and places where there are people with different needs (like food, shelter, medicine, edutacion, etc.) putting them into a map. The idea is to distinguish all the people that need help, so that the whole world would know who needs help, what their needs are and where they are exactly. Finally, it tries to solve the people's needs linking, in a social, way all the actors that work to help people: all the volunteers and all the companies that contribute to social causes.

What They Learned

We realized that althought this could not be very believable, there are millions of people that love to help the others. In some of the research we did, we found a very interesting statistic: if we made a country just with volunteers, it would be the ninth biggest country on the planet's surface, so our project has a huge potential.