Foodbank Local

by Team Confufish Royale

Australia : World Citizenship Competition

Project Description

Foodbank Local allows more communities to feed those in need around them. The project has brought together the biggest players in the foodaid, supermarket and logistics research world around a brand new meal-centric (opposed to truck-centric) philosophy. Anyone can make an impact with Foodbank Local - with businesses being able to simply donate excess food more easily than ever before, and with individuals having the ability to log into an app and see which charities around you need a hand tonight, or could use a few extra dollars to fill a gap that food donations left.

What They Learned

We realised quickly that if you are willing to work, willing to do things for the right reason - then people will support you. A good team will come together from unexpected places (We're working interstate, and met as competitors last year) and with different approaches.