Kinect Infantry Training System (KITS)

by Team EyeCanSee

Singapore : Innovation Competition

Project Description

Team EyeCanSee developed a Kinect-based tracking system that aims to help soldiers habituate and perfect their shooting posture, leading to higher accuracy attained during live firing, as well as to shorten the training time required to get a soldier ready for his or her first live range. The solution, codenamed the Kinect Infantry Training System (or KITS for short) runs on the Windows 8 platform and also makes use of advanced macro programming in Office 2013 to generate visual analytics, which will serve as a platform for commanders and soldiers to better understand their individual progress. Apart from the military environment, KITS can also be deployed commercial shooting ranges, schools and sports clubs.

What They Learned

We have completed our 3-year diploma course at the School of IT in Nanyang Polytechnic. The relevant and hands-on training we have received throughout our 3-year programme has definitely contributed greatly to our success in this competition. Through this competition, we also had the opportunity to put all our skills and knowledge to the test. The outcome of this competition is a testament to the comprehensive training and mentorship we have received from Nanyang Polytechnic.

Team Trailer Video