Piggy Spanker

by Team PsyTrack

Puerto Rico : Games Competition

Project Description

Piggy Spanker is a video game that revolves around the story of Piggy the Pig as he tries to rid his village of the evil chefs that want to cook him. The game is a 2D platformer that receives its name by how you control the main character. You can help Piggy escape danger by spanking him so he can run away from danger. On touch devices this move is represented by a flick motion on the screen. This move allows Piggy to gain more speed the more times you spank him, adding a momentum aspect to the game. / / You, the player, take the role of his owner farmer, as you help him spank Piggy out of harms way. As the story progresses, the environment in the game starts to change as more animals are captured and more crops are destroyed. Some of the most unlucky animals are even mutated! / / Piggy starts turning the tables using power ups coming from mutated foods, for example Ramen soups, make piggy turn into a giant sumo. Piggy also has an innate ability. If Piggy is captured and cooked by the chefs, Piggy can return to life as a ghost! As a ghost piggy you can float around the stages and scare chefs away. / / The game also brings cloud services into the mix, allowing players to continue the adventure on their preferred devices. Leaving on a trip and can not play on your laptop? Switch to your Windows Phone and resume your gameplay on the go! What if you need a specific powerup on a stage? You can also transfer items back and forth between devices! Leaderboards and achievements bring a social aspect into the game. / / The game, while simple on premise, lends itself to tell a bigger, yet subtle story. It also showcases how ideas can be ported to different devices, while retaining their originality, but using each device to their full potential.

What They Learned

Having a group grow overtime is a big accomplishment, and a big responsibility. While we have managed development projects in the past, the scope was smaller, but now, this is project that would put us on the path to have our first commercial venture into the video game industry. We have seen how the industry can change in the blink of an eye, and how other situations can affect your project as a whole. However, overcoming them is a challenge that is not impossible, and should be an earned skill after a while. Technology changes, and if your idea, or business model is not ready for those changes, you will not be able to move forward.

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