by Team Sano

Canada : World Citizenship Competition

Project Description

SANO is an interactive system that keeps track of and monitors people’s health indicators while they are heavily using the computer. When SANO decides the user needs to take a break, it notifies the user that it is exercise time! A 3D virtual trainer appears on the screen and asks the user to mimic the movements so office workers can improve their health. SANO is an expandable system that uses the Kinect for exercise recognition. Users can even make their own exercises using SANO’s exercise builder software and share them with other users. When users want to view their exercise history they can log in to their accounts on SANO’s website and see their history in very simple ways!

What They Learned

Team work is the first, but technically We were learning all needed Microsoft product and this is our greatest achievement! We used a variety of them where each one fills its place perfectly!

Team Trailer Video