I - Chum

by Team Firebird

Sri Lanka : Innovation Competition

Project Description

The product i-Chum is a significant leap in enabling the visually impaired helping them to lead a normal and productive life. It provides augmented sensory aids: allowing the visually impaired to experience and comfortably interact with both the physical and virtual environments and animate and inanimate objects within these environments without compromising their safety. i-Chum uses a novel approach to package a combination of sensory techniques together. By connecting the device into a smartphone or tablet PC with Windows 8 OS user has the ability to perform task such as obstacle avoidance and -navigation,object identification and generic reading and writing.

What They Learned

Through the research we found out – it’s important to treat every human being equally. He/she can be either differentially able or a normal person. Don’t ever criticize them , always try to encourage them.

Team Trailer Video