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Italy : Windows 8 Challenge

Project Description

Ulixes is an interactive touristic guide, an unique and catching way to explore monuments, naturalistic environments, museums and cities, an innovative concept of "social tourism". These are the main point that makes this app different from the classical idea of travel guide. The idea is "explore new cultures having fun!". The puzzles make everything more intriguing, for this reason the platform is structured on riddles and misterious questions games. In every route you have the possibility to challenge your friends and extend your journey experience, enjoying the competition and discovering useful and interesting informations about the places you're visiting. The data stored inside this app are completely dynamic and extendable: Ulixes's structures allows to create routes in the Ulixes Store from the existing turist guides, giving tourism authorities a new powerful and stylish mean of communication based on the Windows 8 platform.

What They Learned

Thanks to the development of Ulixes, we have discovered the powerfull features of TFS, wich allowed us to coordinate the teamwork. Thanks to TFS we efficiently distributed the tasks and easly merged the produced code, while TFS stored a well-ordered versioning. We also experimented the difficulty of put together different points of view, but this experience teached us the importance of deal with others and take benefit from the fusion of many ideas and skills. This is no more than the idea behind Ulixes: diversity is richness.

Team Trailer Video