Driving Mate

by Team Vertigo

Bulgaria : World Citizenship Competition

Project Description

Our project Driving M8 is a solution targeted toward people who want to know their cars better and seek to correct their driving habits in order to save fuel, money, and have a positive effect on the environment. / "The most intelligent and innovative mobile driving assistant, which understands you and your car!" / / Driving M8 constantly monitors the vehicle’s work via the OBD port. / The mobile application calculates real-time fuel consumption and sends the data to the website for further analysis. The mobile application also gives real-time suggestions to the driver how to shift gears in order to minimize the fuel consumption. / The website analyzes the stored data of the engine performance, driving routes and driver habits and creates an engine and driver profile. Based on the profiles, Driving M8 will advise the driver how to correct his driving style and get rid of bad habits. / / Driving M8 will allow car owners to monitor their vehicles’ health and performance. Drivers can improve their driving habits by following the suggestions, which will have a positive impact on their fuel consumption and on the environment. / Car owners will be able to compare their car’s performance to other cars of the same model and year. / /

What They Learned

The Imagine Cup competition taught us how to present our product and compete against other products. / From the project we learned how to communicate with car through their on-board diagnostics.