Zoik It!

by Team Y-Nots

India : Windows Azure Challenge

Project Description

Have you ever been a part of one or more of these scenarios? • You wanted to go out for a recent “James Bond flick”, called up your friends and family, but they were too busy to go out for a movie? • You were at the airport and your flight is delayed by 3 hours. You’re bored? • You want to trek/hike, but none of your friends are actually interested in this activity. With our Local Social Networking app “Zoik it”! You can for example, share a status saying “I want to #hiking at #4:00PM #tomorrow”. We know that you’re going to hike tomorrow at 4:00PM because of the hash tags. We send out this notification to all of those users who love to trek, are in the same city and have some free time tomorrow at 4:00 PM. So the only people around you who are interested in hiking gets the notification are most welcomed to join you for a great meet up. We help you connect with real people at a real physical location easy and fast! Be it Hiking, Having a coffee at your local coffee store, grabbing a beer tonight, partying or even planning tennis – We connect you to people instantly who like what you like.

What They Learned

How to turn ideas into real demonstrable products and then turn them into a company.