by Team Zeppelin Studio

Austria : Games Competition

Project Description

Schein is a challenging puzzle platformer built on the myth of a wisp named Irrlicht. In this ingenious game light is the key to everything: defeat deadly beasts, solve tricky puzzles and uncover hidden paths through the murky swamp. / Schein has evolved from a small student project into a promising startup, and we’re happy to frequently hear it compared to Limbo and Braid.

What They Learned

This project has taught us more than all our years at university. Granted, we have studied and learned a lot at school. But it’s a different type of knowledge. All that stuff, you learn and then forget once the exam is over. Or perhaps you might remember that you’ve heard about it once, but you can’t actually recall it, because at the time it simply had no true meaning. With Schein it’s different. This means something to us. We teach ourselves what we need to know, and most often it is by trial and error. The lessons learned are not only about game development, but also about marketing, finance, team management, and also friendship. These lessons will stay with us forever – or at least until we achieve even better knowledge to replace them.

Team Trailer Video